Because we serve professionals whose bottom line depends on our exhaustive efforts and error-free reporting, we strive to ensure that every assessment we perform is given our complete expert attention.

As the region’s leading environmental consultants, we proudly provide

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments – identifying existing and potential environmental liabilities of both land and facilities on any commercial or residential property
  • Desktop Reviews – obtaining, researching and review of environmental databases regarding the use of the property in question and the surrounding areas.

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing buying confidence and peace of mind for our clients, we strive to ensure that your assessments and reports are comprehensive, in-depth and thorough. Quality, knowledgeable service, competitive rates and quick turnaround times are all daily expectations at Nelson Enviro, LLC. Never cutting corners in order to save time or money, we devote all of our resources, knowledge and efforts to our most important client – you.

Find out what so many of Northern and Central California investors and lenders already know by scheduling your Phase I Assessment and Environmental Consultation with our team today.