1. What Makes Nelson Enviro Different?

    At Nelson Enviro, our mission is to provide industry-leading Phase I Environmental Site Assessments that you can rely on to help you make an informed decision for your next real estate project. Backed by years of experience and a passion for the work we do, you can rely on us to leave nothing to cha…Read More

  2. Does Your Banker Require a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

    If you’ve made the decision to purchase a piece of land to use as a commercial business, your banker may require you to get a Phase I ESA before signing off on your loan. Why is that, you ask? This is a fairly common occurrence, but it’s one that is often confusing for people. The good news is t…Read More

  3. Who Benefits From a Phase I ESA?

    For over three decades, the team at Nelson Enviro has been serving people who are curious about what their land might be hiding. We do this by offering Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, but the truth is that there’s some confusion about what that is exactly and who might need one. Not to wor…Read More

  4. 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Piece of Land

    At Nelson Enviro, our top priority is to help each and every one of our clients make the best possible decision for their specific situation. In other words, we know that there’s a lot on the line and that your goal is to find the piece of land that works the best for your project. Unfortunately, …Read More

  5. Do You Need a Phase 1 Environmental Report?

    Whether you call it a Phase I Environmental Report, an Environmental Site Assessment, or an ESA, the good news is that the team at Nelson Enviro is here for you. We proudly serve real estate professionals, the banking industry, small businesses, real estate investors, and agricultural operations thr…Read More

  6. What Does an Environmental Study Entail?

    They’re known by a couple of different names. An environmental study. An environmental enquiry. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. A Phase I ESA. Whatever you call it, you might find that it’s difficult to understand exactly what you’re getting. The good news is that at Nelson Enviro, ou…Read More

  7. The Environment in Film: Part Two

    In our previous post, we wrote a bit about the way the environment is portrayed in films and highlighted Jeremiah Johnson and Into the Wild. Both of those movies display the various ways that nature can be harsh and unforgiving. Today’s blog will take a deeper look at a few more movies that portra…Read More

  8. The Environment in Film: Part One

    At Nelson Enviro, we’re always interested in the environment and the way people interact with it. As a matter of fact, our last couple of blogs have been about superheroes who had an impact on the environment. In today’s post, we’d like to take a look at how the environment has been portrayed …Read More