At Nelson Enviro, we’re glad to work with a number of different people to provide them with all of the facts they need about how a particular piece of land has been used in the past. After all, it just makes sense to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible in order to ensure that you make the best decision for your specific situation.

What types of clients do we work with, you ask? That’s a great question, and one that we’ll  be answering in today’s post. If you are in need of a Phase I ESA, keep reading to learn more.

Industries We Serve

  • Real estate professionals
  • The banking industry
  • Small businesses
  • Real estate investors
  • Agricultural operations
  • And more

In other words, if you’re in need of a Phase I ESA, you can count on us to provide you with all of the facts you need to make the right decision. Although there are some industries we work with more than others, the main takeaway is that if you’re in need of our team, we’d be glad to work with you. No matter your situation, we’ll work quickly and thoroughly to ensure that you have the necessary information to make the right decision.

Services We Offer

You know by now that Nelson Enviro offers Phase I ESAs, but what if you don’t need the full scope of work that comes alongside one of those? The good news is that we also offer desktop reviews. Simply put, a desktop review (as its name suggests) allows us to do a little digging from a computer. We’ll check all of the relevant databases to see what we uncover. If something does come up, we’ll advise you on the next steps you should take.

Either way, we’ll be there to help. Whether you need the full in-depth reporting of site assessment report or a thorough overview of a desktop review, you can count on us to get the work done quickly and accurately, providing you with the peace of mind you need to move forward.

Contact Our Team Today

At the end of the day, we want you to know that no matter who you are or the scope of the work that you need to have completed, the team at Nelson Enviro can help. We serve Northern and Central California, and we have plenty of experience in providing our clients with the facts that they need to move forward with their projects. Peace of mind is valuable, and at Nelson Enviro, that’s exactly what we provide.

Have a question? Be sure to check out our list of frequently asked questions about Phase I Environmental Assessments. If you need further information or you’re ready to get started, we’d love to hear from you. Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service at every step of the way, and we work quickly and affordably to ensure that your needs are met. Contact us today to get the help you need and rest assured that you’re in good hands with Nelson Enviro.