At Nelson Enviro, we have over three decades of experience as environmental professionals. It’s part of what makes Phase I ESAs second nature for us. But for those who come to us for our expertise, it’s a little bit trickier.

When you are considering purchasing a piece of real estate and you need to know how it was used in the past, we’re the team to turn to. We work diligently to make certain that you have all of the facts necessary to make the right decision. Often times when people realize that they need a Phase I ESA, they have questions. That’s okay, because we’re here to help!

Have a Question About Phase I Environmental Site Assessments?

How much does a Phase I ESA cost? What does it include? Why is it required? What’s not included? Is anyone out there regulating the process? What happens if something is uncovered? What is a Phase I ESA in the first place? These are all questions that we get asked on a regular basis and that’s why we’d like to point our readers in the direction of our list of frequently asked questions about Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

On that page, we took a look at ten commonly asked questions in order to provide people with more information so that they can make an informed decision. At Nelson Enviro one of our biggest goals is to provide our clients with everything they need to move forward with peace of mind. Buying a piece of land is a big deal so it just makes sense to know how it was used in the past.

Breaking Down the Process

In many instances a Phase I ESA is the way to go when you’re in need of in-depth information. We also offer desktop reviews as well for those who aren’t looking to dive in quite as deep, but still want some information to move forward with.

Either way, you can count on us to be thorough with our site assessment report and provide you with the facts.

No matter the situation, we can help. Have a specific timeline? We’ll do our best to be flexible and provide you with exactly the information you need. We believe that environmental enquiries are always in the best interest of those considering purchasing property even when it’s not required.

Contact Us Today

At the end of the day, we know that this is a tricky subject for many people, but the good news is that you’re not expected to be an expert because that’s what we’re here for! We simply want you to have all of the information that you need to make the best possible decision.

Have a question that wasn’t mentioned in our FAQ? Want to clarify something that didn’t make sense? Whatever the case may be, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to get the information you need. The team at Nelson Enviro is here to answer any questions and make sure that you are making the right decision.