The world we live in means that a number of different pieces of property could face certain environmental risks. Fortunately for you, we also live in a world where a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment allows you to know as much as you possibly can about how your land has been used in the past. After all, if you’re considering purchasing a piece of property, it can help you to limit your liability and make a wise decision moving forward.

Knowing everything you can about possible environmental issues prior to purchasing your property means you are protected against potentially making a decision that you will regret. When you choose to partner with the team at Nelson Enviro, you can count on us to do a thorough inspection of not only the property in question, but also surrounding properties, ensuring you know about this history that surrounds your potential purchase.

We Have Three Decades of Experience

Our team brings three decades of experience to the table and not only do we have the know-how, but we’re also incredibly passionate about what we do. We believe that you deserve to know if your land is hiding anything and what effect that could have on you moving forward. For instance, wouldn’t you want to know if the land you’re thinking about purchasing was used as a dry cleaner, gas station, or mechanic’s shop?

Not only will we complete a visual inspection of the land in question, but we’ll also take a thorough look at records to see what we can find out on that front. If necessary, we’ll even get in touch with current owners or former owners of the property in order to see if they have any unique insight that would be helpful, then we’ll pass that information along to you so you can make an informed decision.

We Want to Make Things Easy For You

The environmental professionals you’ll work with when you choose Nelson Enviro have been specifically trained on Phase 1 ESAs and know exactly what to look for in order to ensure that you get the results you need. Whether you’re applying for a building permit, experiencing changes in zoning laws, or just looking to buy a piece of property, an ESA allows you to get the information you need.

Our goal in doing a Phase 1 ESA is to see if you might be at risk for contamination because of any of the activities done on the property whether that’s at the current time or at some time in the past. In other words, we’ll be providing you with an overview of everything you might need to know about the land in question before making a purchase.

Generally speaking, we can have all of the work done within 14 business days, ensuring you get the information you need quickly. Are you ready to know what your land might be hiding? Feel free to contact us today so you can make an informed decision before you shell out money to purchase a piece of property.

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